• Protect fish from entrainment and impingement
  • Protect pumps from clogging
  • Protect downstream filtration and equipment

Key Features

  • Cylinders concentrate a large amount of surface into a small area
  • Strong stainless steel construction with wedge wire cylinders provide durability
  • Powerful and thorough brushing inside and out keeps the screen clean and free of biofouling
  • Internal flow baffles to assist with balancing velocities across screen surface
  • Retrievable design allows easy access for inspection or maintenance

Control & Power Features

  • Marine-duty hydraulic, electric, or turbine drive system rotates cylinder for brush-cleaning
  • Control panel allows user defined cleaning cycles and system monitoring
  • Minimal power requirements
  • Solar power option
  • Interfaces with customer’s SCADA controls


  • Wedge wire slot width options from 0.5 mm to 9 mm
  • Design for extreme conditions, including ice, debris, currents and hydrostatic forces
  • Control panel options to match customer’s equipment standards
  • Screen lengths and diameters to meet application needs
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