ISI offers retrievable and fixed position screen systems depending on project needs.

Retrievable systems allow for raising and lowering of the screens for ease of inspection and maintenance. They are also useful for screen systems that are used seasonally where the screens can be stored in the raised position providing protection from ice, biofouling, and other potential site-specific challenges. Retrieval tracks can be vertical or designed on an incline to match the existing site contours which can reduce construction costs. Retrieval systems can be electric powered or manual and are often paired with a slide gate which can be closed when the screen is in the raised position.

Fixed position screens are typically flange mounted and are well suited for offshore, deepwater intakes or for shoreline installations where there is a desire to reduce costs or project complexity. Fixed position screens can also be called “retrievable” but the equipment used to perform the retrieval (excavator or crane) is not included with ISI’s equipment. Customization of designs is typical to make for efficient screen installation removal on fixed position screens.

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