UK Government Flood Pump Screen

UK Government Flood Pump Screen


The UK government deploys a large number or portable pumps each year to pump flood water out of areas where it may impact residential and commercial properties. Recently developed European Eel protection regulations dictate both the slot size and the approach velocity for screens used for flood pumping. The screen developed for this purpose was required to have a float, be lightweight for ease of deployment, include features that will allow for no additional power use, and be easy to deploy by field technicians. ISI developed a custom screen design to meet the unique requirements for this application where the pumps have a maximum capacity of 4.8 cfs (3.1 MGD, 488 m3/h).

Benefit of ISI System

The basis of ISI’s design was a turbine drive, brush-cleaned cylindrical wedge wire screen measuring 24 inches (607 mm) in diameter and 30-inches (762-mm) long with 1.75-mm slot openings with a 50 percent open area. At a 0.33 fps (10 cm/s) approach velocity, the D24-30TC-F screen has a capacity of 5.2 cfs (3.4 MGD, 530 m3/h) thus providing an 8.3 percent screen surface area overbuild relative to the pump capacity. The turbine drive allows the brush cleaning system to be powered by the water flowing through the screen. The screen was made to float just below the water surface through incorporation of floats which can also be used as a skid when field technicians deploy the screen. A Bauer style fitting was included to enable easy connection to the existing pump flex hoses. The Bauer connection and float/skid system was constructed from aluminum to reduce weight and provide ease of handling by field technicians. This screen was tested in the field against other screen products in late 2021 and into 2022. The total screen assembly weight is 218 lbs (99 KG).


UK National Fisheries Service


Intake Screens, Inc.

General Contractor:



Various Waterbodies, United Kingdom

Year Installed:


Slot Size:

1.75 mm

Screen Model:


Drive System:




Water Body:


Flow Rate:

4.8 cfs (3.1 MGD, 488 m<sup3/h)

Screen Type:

Drum Screens (single cylinder)

Retrieval Systems:

Fixed Flange Connection

Number of Screens:


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