Valley Power Plant

Valley Power Plant


This 280 MW, 266.4 cfs (172.2 MGD; 27,160 m3/h) once-through cooled generating facility was required to install 2.0-mm slot size wedge wire screens with a 0.5 feet per second (15.24 cm/s) or less through-screen velocity to meet Clean Water Act Section 316(b) Best Technology Available (BTA) requirements. The plant's two existing intakes utilized traveling water screens that did not meet the fish protection criteria. The first project, Unit 2, was completed during a planned outage in Summer 2015. The second project, Unit 1, was replaced during an outage in Summer 2016.

Benefit of ISI System

ISI's retrievable brush-cleaned cylindrical screen system was selected as the project's preferred alternative. This "on-river" design was adapted to the existing structure to increase the screened surface area necessary to meet the 0.5 fps (15.24 cm/s) or less through-screen velocity, and to reduce the slot size to 2 mm to protect early life stage fish in the area. The retrievable brush-cleaning system provides an efficient means to perform the high-frequency of inspections required by regulators without the use of divers. The system was designed to provide the facility’s required design flow and meet through-screen velocity criteria at each unit with one T screen raised for inspection. The system was also equipped with a warm water jetting system to reduce surface and frazil ice buildup in the vicinity of the screen system.


WE Energies


Burns & McDonnell

General Contractor:

J.F. Brennan


Menomonee River, Milwaukee, WI

Year Installed:


Slot Size:

2.0 mm

Screen Model:


Drive System:



Electrical Generation

Water Body:


Flow Rate:

266.4 cfs (172.2 MGD; 27,160 m3/h)

Screen Type:

T Screens (dual cylinders)

Retrieval Systems:

Retrievable Vertical Track

Number of Screens:


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